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Collaborative grassroots organisation with charity status

To Provide a safe arena for All young people to express themselves

We engage 10 - 14-year-olds in specifically designed social programmes that includes practical strategies which steers them away from negative: peer pressure, youth culture and it's influences

Engage 15 - 19-year-olds, instil focus and a sense of purpose that will navigate them away from anti-social behaviour and youth violence by providing direction, training and focus on their lives

Communities EYES support

Young people 5-9

Young people 10- 14

Young adults: Ages 20-25

Service user(s) direct family unit or significant others that impact the service user’s life daily

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EYES deliver bespoke Intervention and Prevention projects for young people

Our programmes are designed with young people at the centre. They are very much involved with the project ideas, planning and creative tasks.

EYES meets the young people where they are; at the right place, at the right time, allowing them to express themselves in a safe arena; supporting them towards achieving their goals and aspirations.

Happy Family

Helping today for better tomorrow

Provoking vision to

actualise dreams

Supporting young people, adults, parents/significant others and networking with private, and public organisations to provide training for entry, and re-entry into education, employment, or business ventures

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Young people need your help Funding is limited. Donations maintain vital support and services

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Your support will help towards positive change

Make a difference

Be a sponsor of EYES help to transform the quality of lives of young people, increase their platform for opportunities

Our mission

Our mission is to give all young people access to opportunity

EYES working Teams consists of Previous service users that have been through, overcome and sustained positive independent lives. They are from diverse backgrounds and cultures enabling them to understand the characteristics of our city and the issues and struggle young people/youth face in their community.

" To Provide a safe arena for All young people to express themselves "

To Provide a safe arena for All young people to express themselves


Young people become beacons of hope to their peers as they aspire & achieve in their community

Organisational Structure

The EYES organisational structure has three elements: strategic, operational, and tactical. The strategic level comprises the board of trustees and executive team members who engage in program governance, the acquisition of resources, and strategic visioning.

EYES Trustees

Trustees meet quarterly, unless required earlier. They are updated by the Manager and the Programme Coordinator. Daily operations of EYES are discussed, planning/development, Finance and Budgets.

Community Involvement

A large percentage of young people that access EYES are one step away from making a decision that could potentially ruin their lives and have a negative impact on their families, community, and the local economy.


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People We Helped In 2023

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

Our policy covers all aspects of equality including race, religion or belief, sex, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation, disability, and age (as specified by the Equality Act 2010 and the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) (UK Regulations 2012).

Our policy applies to everyone who receives a service from us, and forms part of our governance, is employed by us or volunteers their services. We will also seek to ensure that anyone who works on our behalf demonstrates commitment to ED&I.

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