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About us

Engage Youth Empowerment Services (EYES) is a collaborative grassroots organisation with charity status. EYES deliver bespoke prevention and intervention projects and services for young people who are vulnerable, at risk or caught up in the criminal justice system.

Helping each other can make the world better

Engage 15 - 19-year-olds, instil focus and a sense of purpose that will navigate them away from anti-social behaviour and youth violence by providing direction, training and focus on their lives.

We support young adults, parents/significant others by networking with private, and public organisations to provide training for entry, and the re-entry into education, and or employment.

We strive to provide a firm foundation for young people to aspire, and live progressive, positive independent lives


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Organisational Structure

The EYES organisational structure has three elements: strategic, operational, and tactical. The strategic level comprises the board of trustees and executive team members who engage in program governance, the acquisition of resources, and strategic visioning.

Board of Trustees (Strategic Level)

The board of trustees comprises a diverse group of individuals who bring a variety of knowledge, skills, and experience to the governance of EYES. The board of trustees utilises the Policy Governance approach to govern the EYES organisation.

Organisational structure

We deliver short Prevention & Intervention Projects in Primary Schools and Academies, contact us

Helping each other can make world better

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The board of trustees comprises a diverse group of individuals who bring a variety of knowledge, skills, and experience to the governance of EYES.


EYES workers frequently continue to work with the more challenging service users in a voluntary capacity for as long as they are able too.

Our programs

Collaboratively working with those agencies is vital to effectively supporting those young people. It offers a more comprehensive service and creates more opportunities for the young people.

Steps2Success (S2S) Community Involvement

A large percentage of young people that access EYES are one step away from making a decision that could potentially ruin their lives and have a negative impact on their families, community, and the local economy. We meet many of those young people ‘where they are at’ to position them to aspire and want to live better lives by ultimately, making better choices.

Young people, including some of their parents, friends and significant others are EYES building blocks for planning projects and programmes. Through ‘Hot Topics’, Forums, Group discussions, and one to ones, ideas are suggested, shaped and developed. For this reason, our service users are invested and have a sense of ownership for the projects. Listening to how the young people want to be supported and equally, involving them in the planning, and developing stages ensures effective engagement. Because parents, significant others participate they become a necessary support at home furthermore, volunteer on the projects.

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